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Carl Cristian Anton Christensen (1831-1912 a native of Denmark, studied at the Royal Acadamy of Art in Copenhagen and converted to Mormonism in 1850.

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This is a wonderful trail to relax on and take in life. Two hundred demerits would result in automatic expulsion. The Nevada Mountains, sixteen hundred miles west of us, must be crossed as early as October to avoid the deep snows. Waud, Harper's Weekly, 1871. Please note with the Kennerdale tunnel it is over 3,000' long and has a slight curve at the Easten end so heading East it is pitch black darkness for 85 of the way through. In the popular mind the dangers of the trail might consist of wild Indians attacking the train. Road to the bottom of the trail and back. Crossing the Platte, Standbury Expedition. The dirt road is muddy, wet rocky and bumpy. A nice great trail as always, enjoy the ride! It was rather scary!