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been launched in London at the British Science Museum. Because Ive been in a committed relationship for years, I at first opt to report from the sidelines, but as I head to the bagging room, where the women at the event are decorating their paper bags, it becomes clear that nearly everyone at the. So I signed up to cover Loveflutters Paper Bag Speed Dating eventas a bystander only.

As someone who reports on new trends in the digital dating world, I was curious to see what paper bag speed dating actually looked like, or if Standen was right that quirky fun facts have more social currency in the dating world than blonde hair. Immediately, it becomes clear that there are some patterns in the world of speed dating. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, an extremely dishy professor of Business Psychology at University College London who explains a bit of the reasoning behind what he refers to as this social experiment. The thinking goes that tweets, which tend to be spontaneous and opinionated, rather than polished Instagram posts to project your 'best self thailand dating sites 100 free offer insight into people's personalities and could help single people looking for love avoid incompatibilities. Hes pretty honest and straightforward about why hes there. The second thing that becomes clear: Absolutely everyone in the room is a journalist.

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