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In 2010 Vox released a Hand-Wired version of the AC30 and AC15 with turret board construction, valve rectification and a choice of Celestion Greenback or Alnico Blue speakers. AC30 TBX as his main stage rig. Jennings provided Lennon and Harrison with the first AC50 piggyback units, and McCartney's AC30/T60 rig was replaced with an AC100 head and an AC100 215" cabinet.

Vox ac30 serial number dating
vox ac30 serial number dating

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An era ended when the last UK made AC-30 amps were shipped in 2004. Described by Vox as a hybrid amp, the amp heads are called the MV50 AC, the MV50 Clean, and the MV50 Rock. AC30TBX.52".51" x 21" 75 lbs. Additionally, the world wide demand for Marshall amplifiers had grown to a point that Marshall no longer wished to build Vox amps. Lennon favoured the larger 7120 amplifier, while Harrison preferred the 730 and McCartney had its sister 430 bass amplifier. The only difference between the AC30TB and the AC30TBX was the speakers. The company was renamed Jennings Musical Industries, or JMI, and in 1958 the 15-watt Vox AC15 amplifier was launched. Aside from being a bit awkward to hold for seated playing, the Phantom guitars now approached professional quality, performance and price.

vox ac30 serial number dating

OF amps ( ). History and Development The Inside Story. Vox ac30 serial dating. How do i put a date on a Vox AC30 with no serial number?