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underdog to boot but loses to Rikkaidai and Shitenhouji when things get rolling. Filler : An interesting case. His background story is retconned to be Ryoma's older half-brother. These days it's mostly Production.G. Almost half of the cast is left handed, while approximately one quarter of the real-life population is, and some of them happen to be the best players besides Ryoma, such as Tezuka, Shiraishi, Chitose, Niou, Saeki, Zaizen, Fuji Yuuta, Mukahi Gakuto, Kite and Kai. Mizuki, Koharu and Dan also use their data like this sometimes. He is an aggressive power player who uses the court and environmental conditions to his advantage. Kunimitsu Tezuka (, Tezuka Kunimitsu ) Tezuka is the captain of the tennis club and a third year student at Seishun Academy. Calling Your Attacks : "kikumaru beeeeeam! Yeah, both of them are very girly looking, but.

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Let's just settle with Oishi, mmmmmkay? 3, the new manga series, entitled, new Prince of Tennis, began serialization in the. Naturally, this does nothing to deter the random people standing around watching the match from wildly belting it out each and every time its used. Then we got the Bowling Tournament, where everyone who failed would take a zip of Aozu (wich makes Fuji faint) and the losing team would drink an entire jug. Engrish : Nanjirou does this at times, saying things along the lines of "Me no Nanjirou or "Sorry, no speak the English!" Every Girl Is belarus dating Cuter with Hair Decs : Sakuno, An, Tomoka and the Iijyuin twins use hair jewelry. Archived from the original on February 19, 2008. From then on, the series follows the Seigaku tennis club's progress towards the middle-school National Championship, facing a new rival team in each new story arc.