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TreeHugger is the quintessential green blog, posting sustainable alternatives, nature photos, and information on environmental issues. Site: m/ The Green Samaritan The Green Samaritan is all about sharing. Site: m/gtg-blog Groovy Green Livin Green living is safer living, and Lori Popkewitz Alper takes this to heart on Groovy Green Livin. Elena strives to help people save money by living a green lifestyle, which she does by offering step by step cleaning and entertaining tips and much more. Site: m/ inhabitat Youll see a lot of DIY tips for living a green lifestyle all around the web, but inhabitant is a little bit different. If youd like to learn more about the future of energy, take a look at Bill Lautos informed articles over at Going True Green. This blog offers a lot of useful information on solar panels, but youll also find articles about green business, economy, travel, and more. Weve done that work for you, compiling a list of the best blogs on the web focusing on issues like sustainability, global warming, green living, and fighting climate change. Beth shares her knowledge of plastic-free alternatives on her blog, as well as recipes and environmental news.

Site: m/ Moral Fibres Wendy is a UK-based mom and green living advocate. The blog is an acknowledgement that while you cant solve the climate crisis on your own, your small steps can make a difference. Site: m Do the Green Thing A unique blog in the green space, Do the Green Thing melds creativity with sustainability.

Site: m sustainablog, sustainablog is a one-stop-shop for environmental news, DIY, and sustainability, focusing mainly on waste issues. Theres no doubt that the authors,. Site: m/ Planetsave Planetsave is a one stop shop for the green lifestyle. Site: m/ Mindful Momma Mindful Mommas Micaela curates the best green and healthy tips, tricks, and DIY from around the web. The Green Samaritans tips arent about depriving yourself, but about living thoughtfully, sustainably, and well. A digital marketing consultant, Shane Shirleys blog focuses mostly on business and career developmentwith a green twist.

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