jehovah witness dating beliefs

witness, read more Things Jehovah's Witnesses Can't. In order to survive armageddon and inherit eternal life, all JW's must obey God's slave. On the other hand, a Jehovah Witness will not seriously consider the beliefs of outsiders as truthful because a Jehovah Witness believes everyone outside their organization is 'out of the truth'. A Jehovah Witness believes their organization. Jehovah's Witnesses are conscientious objectors. Ex-Jehovahs Witnesses for Jehovah God.

God's organization, the Watchtower and Satan's organization, - everyone else. False Prophetic Dates: 1874: Date for Christs invisible presence, changed to : End of the world 1915: Replaced 1914 for the end of the world 1918: End of the world, the destruction of churches 1925: End of the world with the return of Abraham, Isaac. Jehovah God is Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The leaders of the organization believe they are God's faithful and discreet slave in these last days before armageddon. Here are some theocratic war"s. They believe that if someone dies at armageddon there is no hope of a resurrection. After the 1,000-year reign of Christ, God will completely destroy this present universe and recreate a new heavens and a new earth. They believe that everything they do and say is a personal choice based their relationship with Jehovah.

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