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to an oxgang and one was a municipal Weistum (. 41 Famous people edit Guido Groß Sigfrid Gauch Sons and daughters of the town edit Guido Groß (b. Offenbach and Hundheim, still many years away from their eventual merger, found themselves in two different departments. Brill, Leiden 2012 isbn. The nave, akin in execution to the monastery church in Otterberg, was finished about 1300.

The local church community was henceforth and until 1800 tended together with the Lutheran one in Sankt Julian. Reingold: Calendrical Calculations, Cambridge University Press 2008,. The nearest Autobahn interchanges are the ones at Kusel (20 km from either centre) and Kaiserslautern (35 km from Offenbach; 30 km from Hundheim). The following table shows population development since Napoleonic times for Offenbach, with some figures broken down by religious denomination: Total,007 1,419 1,243 Catholic Evangelical Jewish Figures for the whole Ortsgemeinde of Offenbach-Hundheim after amalgamation. The remaining 68 municipalities then bore the designation Restkreis.