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true. Yanipir : Not really, duo-streaming is not the thing that causes problems. Acclamator : If you set it like this, because I love boats, and space ship is practically a boat then yes (laughs but not really. Yanipir : Your favourite? There were only solo streamers at that time, except some talkshows etc. Thats the best thing. Yanipir : It is a really long and boring story.

Acclamator : That was a year and half ago, I think. You can watch yacc streaming on their. So yes, mostly technical issues, but apart from that, I don't see any problems in duo-streaming. On my end it was mostly internet issues, my internet was really bad.

Allthough one thing I remember, that was just. And what about you Yani? Since you are both from the other side of Europe, have you noticed any differences between you two? It might be Slovak, I don't know. You can follow them on twitch channel (they stream every monday, wednesday and saturday) or subscribe to their channel. At first it was just a test, experiment or whatever, but it started growing really fast. ( Acclamator's twitter, Yanipir's twitter ) Acclamator : Exactly. . You and other CGs were in Prague right? You may know them not only from their own stream and videos, but also from Sp4zie's videos and stream - they are all part of group of gamers and friends called CG (Compact Gaming).