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book, he is encouraging feminism in his daughter. Images: Fotolia, 2 pJ Media. A father believing his daughter has bodily autonomy provokes such contempt in PJ Media columnist Bonnie Ramthun that she names the hypothetical wearer of this shirt "worst dad of 2014.". Regardless of where it's printed, I think the "feminist father" message is a great, concise counter to the prevailing attitudes dads are expected to have about their daughters and dating. (Take, for instance, this message from some daughter-dating rules at the Free Republic : "I'm sure you've been told that in today's world, sex without utilizing a 'barrier method' of some kind can kill you. Not every dad sees his daughter as a "princess" or "angel" who needs constant shielding from boys, which doesn't mean he doesn't care (or won't want to hurt anyone who hurts her). Besides, the idea of "she makes the rules" might actually be a more powerful one to deter horny teen boys. Not only is he "abdicating his responsibility but "he is signaling to every male predator out there that his daughter is available for victimization Ramthun writes. Let me elaborate, when it comes to sex, I am the barrier, and I will kill you." Har, har. That's right Rathun believes the worst thing a father could possibly do is instill feminist principles in his daughter.

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boards420 dating my daughter

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But part of raising kids is eventually trusting them to make their own choices, and this includes choices about sexual activity. What is Ramthun afraid will actually happen should, heaven forbid, these words be screenprinted onto actual fabric? "Lets hope its just a meme, and not an actual t-shirt she concludes. Yet this message is riling up certain segments of social conservatives, who believe women's bodies belong to their fathers until dad transfers that control to boyfriends or, preferably, husbands. The concept that young women might of their own free will say yes to sex actually strengthens the idea that they have the right to say no, too. As one commenter at PJ Media points out : Dad not making the rules could be seen as "an answer in advance" to boyfriend's questions like "why don't you want to, because your dad will be angry?" or "your parents won't find out, so why.

Riffing on seemingly thousands of sexist, outdated " rules for dating my daughter " lists, a t-shirt for feminist-minded fathers emphasizes that, ultimately, it's "her body, her rules." Awesome, right? Dating my daughter adult game. About the love men dating game playing narcissism p ossibilities of how the world. Dating to accept the opportunity to work. Break started i finally had the guts dating my daughter to ask a girl.

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