the dating of new testament papyri

was considerable interest amongst biblical scholars as to whether Pdisplaystyle mathfrak P 52 could be dated. 1.130) as dated comparators to Pdisplaystyle mathfrak P 52, identifying. Paleographic evidence does not work that way. The New Testament Manuscripts, we present a few New Testament manuscripts from the early second century to the beginning of the fourth.

Orsini and Clarysse absage im internet partnersuche propose dates for New Testament papyri that are often rather later than the consensus dates in the Nestle-Aland lists, 74 and considerably later than the counterpart dates proposed by Comfort and Barrett. 8 Roberts found comparator hands in dated papyrus documents between the late 1st and mid 2nd centuries, with the largest concentration of Hadrianic date (117 CE to 138 CE). "Bodmer Papyri." In, anchor Bible Dictionary, edited by David Noel Freedman, 1:766-77. 28 Nongbri also produces dated documents of the later second and early third centuries, 57 each of which display similarities to Pdisplaystyle mathfrak P 52 in some of their letter forms. 30 31 Colin Roberts edit Pdisplaystyle mathfrak P 52 is a literary text and, in common with almost all such papyri, has no explicit indicator of date. A b Hurtado,. London: Oxford University Press, 1979. Roberts noted that in addition to alpha and upsilon, other letters also tend to be given decorative hooks, especially iota and omega (both seen in the seventh line of the recto).

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