sonic dating sim

bit of skill. To add to this update, Tempy also added a much requested Save Feature, which allowed you to save your progress on your computer to carry on later. What can you do? Home Sonic Games Sonic Dating Sim RPG, this is the demo for Sonic Dating Sim RPG, still being worked. The game had a number of endings like the girl not growing, the girl growing but ending up killing you etc, which all depended on choices and how well you did in the game. Msds 2 the stolen copies. However, despite all these fixes, msds.1 hasn't gotten attention that the original had. This feature was based on skills and knowledge on another game project, Paradise Hotel. 1' (Point One this Updated version gave a few graphic fixes, major bug fixes and spelling fixes to the game, which made it 'bug free' and a bit easier for people having problems due to errors, However, many haven't noticed some of these fixes,. You then wake up in your room knowing only your name and that you are on a quest to date a Macro girl, or at least, to make a girl Macro. Once in a while, an Event would happen that would give you a big boost with the girl/guy of your choice or a Chaos Emerald would appear. In game shot featuring Amy Rose.

Macro Sonic Dating Sim - the game. With Chaos Emeralds, you needed to have a Random-ish object in order to 'collect' the emerald, else you could come back the next day for a chance to meet Shadow or Rouge for a chance to win the emerald in a simple quiz, OR,. Being a, sonic fan, i gave this a try.

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Many 'spam' sites have taken the name of msds in order to get people to their sites, showing that the game is probably a lot more popular than believed by the creator). Tempy, starting in January 1, 2007 with the first Public Beta, till its finished release in October 1, 2008, with an Updated version in December 31, 2009. Other than 'stolen' copies of the game, rumours are that a 'hacked' version of the original release is floating around which increases Rouge/Shadow encounters and is far from supported by the creator. Msds ScreenShot featuring Mighty and Sally's Foot. One reason Tempy has stated for NOT working on msds2 is the amount of stolen copies of the first. You have a limited amount you can do in a day, as you get tired and need to rest, but you can chat up girls, take them on dates, but need to work and other things to build up your stats to give you. Many sites have taken the game from his site and posted it on there site or file sharing sites in order to either make money for themselves or to stop support and feedback going to Tempy, who has revealed a number of times via his. If you gave the girl enough emeralds, it wasn't too hard to enter the Macro side of the game, where you had an interactive sex scene, like the hotel, but with the Macro version of the girl or guy. Edit, when you start the game, you are given the choice of three Classic Sonic characters, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower or Mighty the armadillo. In December 31, 2009, after a bit of asking, Tempy finally decided to go back to msds and do a major fix, named as 'Macro Sonic Dating Sim. People Also Look For.

sonic dating sim

Dating, simulation game created by Tempy, starting in January 1, 2007 with the first Public Beta, till its finished release in October 1, 2008, with an Updated version in December 31, 2009. Sonic dating sim : Play free online games includes funny, girl, boy, racing, shooting games and much more. Whatever game you are searching for, we ve got it here. This is the demo for.

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