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in the japanese version). Flower Boy Ramyun Shop : Chi Soo's a senior in high school; Eun Bi's a 25 year old student teacher. Methinks this song is multilayered. Later in the manga, he saves another girl of similar age from a high fall and she briefly becomes his Stalker with a Crush.

Helena - United Kingdom in response to Jesse and Dave- the video shows a cab driver and a young model- there would be an age difference yes? This reminds me of a young gay man who is in love with an older man, vice versa it's kind of an obsessive relationship, but not a perverted one. Betty then turns Peter down. All are older than him, though only by a year or two. Marie in HarGuu was worried Har might be one of these. Frankly I really hated him for that I just wanted live my teenage as everybody else! They explained theyd always been upset that they received little support from fellow enthusiasts or vintage cycle clubs.

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