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one-night stands, while users in Korea and Japan look down on such relations, Hwang said. Based on the Five Factor Model of personality traits, we evaluate just how conscientious, extraverted, agreeable and neurotic you are; it helps us match you up with around 3-7 new potential partners every day. Are you attracted to Korean people or are you looking to meet people in Korea? Too shy to upload a video? Read the FAQ and search the subreddit. (I-Um) Since its launch in 2011 I-Um is the most well-known and trusted app.

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Professional singles make up a huge part of our membership base, and our members have proven time and time again that nobody is too busy to find long-lasting love! Unlike other networks we have video profiles! group social chat rooms - private inbox with photo, video and audio - make fans (people that like you) - or friends (people you like back) - video and photo profiles - tags system in profiles - free way to meet new friends.

Chat with local people or join the world chat room and chat with people from all over the world. Korea Social is the best free dating app to connect with Korean singles or to meet Korean singles from around the world. Our intelligent matchmaking can help you to find like-minded love. There are many categories that you can fill out on your profile and add many pictures into each category. Sign up using our easy registration form, take our unique personality test and put together your very own dating profile. Community Details r/korea Rules.

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