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(2006 Shooter (2007 Transsiberian (2008 Stone of Destiny (2008 The Open Road (2009 Transcendence (2014 Fantastic Four (2015) as Susan "Sue" Storm/The Invisible Woman, The Martian (2015) as, beth Johanssen, and. They were walking the dog, but even when the dog was running off they were still focused on each other." Cue all of the awws. Well, hopefully the Emmys will be the time when they finally make their official debut as a couple. Neither Mara nor Bell have commented publicly on the official status of their relationship.

Esquire magazine as having been "painfully shy" while growing up and said she only had one friend. Bell was one of Mara's co-stars. She starred in the Netflix political drama House of Cards as Zoe Barnes and appeared in the Fox TV series 24 as computer analyst Shari Rothenberg.

She was in attendance for the Giants' victory in Super Bowl xlii, the Steelers' victory the next year in Super Bowl xliii, and the Giants' victory in Super Bowl xlvi. But this is not the first time the two have been spotted getting extra comfy with one another. Susan Storm/The Invisible women in the new Fantastic Four movie. Kate explains on the set of her GQ photo shoot Still haven't subscribed to GQ on? Download videos: hd720 medium, the best way to get dinner with Zoe Barnes? Wellington co-owned the Giants football team from 1959 until his death in 2005, and was succeeded by her uncle, John Mara, who is currently President, CEO, and co-owner of the team. Relationship 4 years Sources Compatibility 66 view relationship #2 Charlie Cox Charlie Cox and Kate Mara dated from 2008 to 2009. She also appeared in the FX horror miniseries American Horror Story: Murder House in 2011 as Hayden McClaine. Mara's father has Irish, German, and French Canadian ancestry, and her mother is of Irish and Italian descent. Mara described herself.