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to lying and got sent to prison. They re-married again but without a mutual trust and commitment, both parties eventually strayed. In March, on the day he and Sally were to finalise their divorce, Kevin won 200,000 on a scratchcard but didn't tell Sally. Accepting, Alison opened up to Kevin about her past, revealing that her parents blamed her for her sister Cheryl 's death as she died while Alison was looking after her. With Kevin at 21 and Sally 19, they were young newlyweds and with time and maturity their feelings towards each other could be expected to change but though they did have arguments, their deep-seated affection for each other resulted in a rock-solid marriage which stood. After going on a drinking binge, he showed up at Molly's flat and tried to grope her, but later apologised and made up with her. In March 1996, Mike decided to sell the garage but while the bank agreed to give Kevin a 90 loan, which he could afford, Kevin showed no interest as he knew Mike would only sell a poisoned chalice, and despite Sally pushing him towards buying.

In April 2009, Tyrone's new wife Molly started doing the books at the garage. Sally remarked that Kevin never gave her the impression that he cared about anyone but himself. Like Kevin, Tyrone was content to fix cars; it was the women in his life, such as Maria Sutherland and Fiz Brown, who tried to give him ambition. On finishing her maternity leave, Sally decided to stay at home with Rosie but returned to the shop in July, working evenings. During this difficult period, Kevin learned that Natalie had got engaged to Des and, drunk in the Rovers, proposed to her himself, resulting in Alec Gilroy throwing him out. Sally threw him out of the house, accusing him of returning to her in sympathy because of her breast cancer, Rosie and Sophie stopped speaking to him, and when Tyrone noticed Kevin and Sally rowing at Molly's funeral, he realised that Kevin was Jack's father.

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