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and classical Greece, non-dramatic choruses of young unmarried women perform at special occasions in the life of a community, such as religious festivals and weddings. (2008) Realizations in Ancient Greek Music: Beyond the Fragments (with CD selections in Hickmann,./Eichmann,./Both,. (2006) 'Il testo di Tirteo nel tessuto omerico' in L'autore e l'opera: attribuzioni, appropriazioni, apocrifi nella Grecia antica. (2004) 'Communication in Pindars Deictic Acts Arethusa 37: 391-414.

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(2013) sexdate bergisch gladbach 'I carmi di Bacchilide per Sparta. I offer a new definition of the term based on the three elements of melic genre: occasion, content, style. (1992) Pindaro, peana VIIb (fr. (1979) 'Refrain in Aeschylus: Literary Adaptation of Traditional Form CP 74: 187-213. Choral Self-referentiality in Greek Tragedy Arion.1: 56-111. 'A commentary on the fragments of the iambic poet Hipponax' (Doctoral dissertation, UCL (University College London). (2014) 'Performances of Girls at the Spartan Festival of the Hyakinthia. (1991) 'Fathers and Sons: A Note on Pindaric Ambiguity American Journal of Philology 112: 287300.