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she has always envied. Neither Simon nor Clary is amused. Emile Pangborn has grey hair in the books and black hair here. Her behavior towards Simon is neither actively malicious nor self-consciously snobbish. Ship Tease : In City of Glass, Sebastian Verlac has some sexual tension with Clary and Isabelle, which goes nowhere. Valentine's extradimensional apartment, which is mostly used by Sebastian. Clary sage is a plant historically used to help clear the eyes, so Clary is a name suitable for a heroine who sees the Shadow world, which most people are blind. Death Equals Redemption : Sebastian (or Jonathan as a result of the heavenly fire burning out the demon blood within him.

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The one with the blue eyes." Hollywood Nerd : Clary's best friend Simon is a shy, awkward, D D-loving nerd who can't get her to notice that he's in love with her (and is eventually rejected in favor of the dashing hero Jace.). Also, Michael, Gabriel and many others are mentioned but do not appear. Letter Motif : In City of Bones, "JC" is a significant pair of initials. Clary and Jace are revealed to be siblings at the end of City of Bones. The Starscream : Raphael Santiago. Clary comes very close to this in City of Fallen Angels, courtesy of Jace (to be fair, he was under Lilith's Mind Rape at the time). Clary is included in this because even though she is a Shaddowhunter, she knows nothing about their world. Idiosyncratic Cover Art : All the books have busts of the main characters over a city horizon. Heterosexual Life-Partners : Jace Wayland and Alec Lightwood.