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a family with a baby and bring one of those portable beach cabanas that give you optimal coverage. If you haven't, would you like to give it a go? If you win on either try, you can choose go out to eat to get to the restaurant. Lets go out to dinner, wait for her in the hallway. A variant on this that may lead to the same thing or possibly something else is to: Go back to the couch.

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This is a romantic start that gets you to a fancy restaurant. Nighttime is obviously the easiest time due to the darkness factor and because there's usually no one around. Once anime lovers dating the logistics are out of the way, now comes the easy part: enjoying. (It's also the only time you can get away with being completely naked on most American shores.) But if you find yourself at the beach mid-day, all hot and bothered by something besides the sun, you have another option: Location scouting. Compliment her looks, kiss her, i just wanted to test if our saliva was compatible. Time is of the essence.